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Harrington Business Group, Inc., is a diversified company with holdings that include manufacturing, online sales, real estate, engineering, consulting, research, financial and technical companies. 

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Contact Info
Harrington Business Group, Inc.
Hennepin Square Professional Building 
2021 East Hennepin Avenue
Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55413

651-286-2670 - FAX



About David Harrington

David L. Harrington, President HBG, Inc.The President of HBG, Inc., Mr. Harrington has had a varied and extensive career in the business world. He has more than two decades of experience ranging from major international corporations to entrepreneurial start-ups. Mr. Harrington has a track record of success in technical, financial, sales managerial and executive roles. He has been the owner of several successful businesses and continues to develop new ventures.

Mr. Harrington has post-graduate degrees in Engineering and business and is a Certified Manufacturing Systems Engineer. He has written several publications including Manufacturing for Quality in Process and Products. He developed the PRS (Profitable Repeatable Scalable) business methodology and is actively involved in consulting work and implementation of the PRS practices.

His enthusiasm and drive, combined with a practical and proven approach to business, have made Mr. Harrington a sought-after presenter and advisor.

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