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Harrington Business Group ConsultingDo You Have a PROFITABLE, REPEATABLE & SCALABLE Business (or Business Plan)?


  • Do you know what your costs and expenses are?

  • Do you know what your customers want from you?

  • Do you know what it will take to deliver your customer's desires at a profit?

No "Silver Bullet" Answers

A Profitable, Repeatable, Scalable (PRS) Business is one that can (not "should") make money, knows how to make it over and over, and controls growth while protecting earnings. 

At HBG, Inc., we have started, owned and developed many businesses. Not all were successes, we wouldn't have learned the hard lessons if they had been. We know what it means to have your name on the door and we understand the risks (as well as the rewards) of being a business owner. 

Almost without exception, the businesses that enjoy the greatest success fit the PRS model. 

  • The business is profitable and knows exactly where that profit comes from. Costs, pricing, and cash flow are well-managed. 
  • The business is able to "repeat the profitable parts" of what it does while minimizing unprofitable elements. Operations and systems are established and implemented to ensure consistent performance. By "automating" (and this doesn't mean just adding layers of technology) processes, difficult situations can be dealt with most effectively. 
  • The business is able to grow (or pull back) while protecting earnings. Expansion, product evolution and continuous improvement are possible with minimum risk. 

No Easy Business AnswersWe are not claiming to have a "silver bullet" answer for your business. It has been our experience that there aren't any. We have not found any piece of software or sales system or "quick fix" methodology that will work for everyone. 

There are many wonderful tools to enhance your business IF they are correctly structured and implemented for YOUR business

Our consulting process is based on finding the best tools for your needs and working with you to develop and implement an effective system. 

  • We focus on tools that are predictive and allow you to examine scenarios "on paper" and move forward with a high level of confidence. 
  • We work at your pace. Effective change takes time. It is not unusual for us to work with a client for many months while systems are being put in place. This doesn't mean higher costs for you. In fact, our fees are often substantially lower than the "whirlwind" consultants who promise "spectacular" improvements in just a few days. 
  • Because of our approach, we have to limit our work to the Minnesota Twin Cities area.  

Please contact us by email, telephone or through this site. We welcome the opportunity to learn about your business and share our ideas for how we can assist you. 


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