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Frustrated with business training?What are you getting out of your business training?

Huge binders filled with information you can't remember or don't use?
New processes, concepts, or tools that excite you in class but are unrealistic to implement in your organization?
Overly generalized information that doesn't quite apply to your situation?

If you are frustrated with training that doesn't offer solutions you can use, we invite you to consider:

Outcome-Based Business Training

A fresh approach to solving your business challenges!

Harrington Business Group Training

HBG Training CenterHarrington Business Group brings you something different. Out training is designed to address your specific challenges and provide effective solutions to current and ongoing concerns. Knowledge-building classroom training is combined with live business labs so you can develop, customize and utilize the tools you need to build your business.

The best part is that our labs are designed to allow you to work on your project - not someone else's case study. When you complete a module, your solution, for your situation will be ready to "go to work."

Outcome-Based Training means we structure our offerings based on the outcome you are looking for. If you want to have an effective forecasting tool for your business, our program will ensure that you get it. Yours - for your business.

See what Outcome-Based Training from HBG & BBN can do for you.

HBG training completes your business puzzle

Call us at 612-208-1634 to learn more about building a successful business.

CLICK HERE to email us with your questions or for more information.

Our Business Labs Focus On Getting Results For YOU

HBG Business Training Participant AgreementIn order to ensure that you get the most out of our business lab training environment, we require that each participant work on data from their workplace. By utilizing your own current business situation you will be able to establish solutions you can use right away. We understand how important your business information is to you and have established a mandatory non-disclosure agreement that must be signed by all participants prior to a class or lab. We also keep our lab sizes small and do not allow direct competitors in the same lab.


Purchase HBG Accounting for Non-Accountants GuidebookNEW! - Business Training Class Guidebooks

We will be making the guidebooks to our business training classes available for purchase online. We have the guidebook for "Accounting For Non-Accountants" available now. This Business Essentials class will also be available to download in a series of PodCasts. You will be able to download the PodCasts and follow along in the guidebook!

Harrington Business Group Business Services

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