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Business Partners

CLICK HERE to Visit Allied ExecutivesAllied Executives - Uniting Business Owners For Growth

Are you personally fulfilled by the performance of your business and the quality of your life? Do you have enough people in your business and in your life that you know you can count on? Allied Executives groups provide a true peer group who really understand what you face as a business owner. Contact John Palen at 651-735-0740

If you are an Allied Executives member or employee of a member company, CLICK HERE to go to the HBG/Allied events on information page.

The Profit Builder NetworkProfit Builder Network

Build, Protect & Transfer Your Company's Value. We help business owners clarify and expand their company worth… and then develop a clear and profitable roadmap to succession by designing a flexible transition and exit plan that emphasizes owner control and timing.

Call Ted Capistrant at 612-617-6124 for more information.

Link to PsychoGeometricsPsycho-Geometrics

The Science of Understanding People, and the Art of Communicating With Them

According to Dr. Susan Dellinger, your choice indicates a distinct personality type. Every person has a "preferred SHAPE". Once you know your SHAPE, You will understand why................

CIRCLES have so many friends,
TRIANGLES always get the best "deals,"
SQUARES will not tolerate sloppy work,
SQUIGGLES are so embarrassing,
and RECTANGLES can't remember anything.

In  Psycho-Geometrics™, Dr. Dellinger explains not only how to determine your own personality type, she reveals how to use geometric psychology to identify the beliefs, values, and attitudes of any person you meet.

PSYCHO-GEOMETRICS™ gives you insights and techniques which allow you to CHANGE YOUR COMMUNICATION STYLE to "instantly" relate well to others. It is IDEAL for improving communication with those "Difficult People" in your life! Click on the image, or contact Dr. Susan Dellinger at 1-800-762-3478

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