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Technology Can Help Or Hurt Your Bottom Line - It's All In How (and When) You Use It

HBG Inc. DOES NOT SELL software, computers, telephone systems, or any other technology. We have no interest in seeing you spend money for technology unless it will benefit YOU.

Unfortunately, we have seen the same situation played out time and time again. A company makes a technology purchase to solve a problem, and ends up with the same (if not a bigger) problem, and an unnecessary expense. 

Don't take us wrong, technology can be a HUGE benefit to business. Advances in technology have changed the way we do business, often for the better. Our point is that technology is a tool and like any other tool must be correctly utilized. 

  • If you have poor accounting practices and purchase a $50,000 accounting system to solve the problem, you will still have poor accounting practices and will be $50,000 poorer. 
  • If you processes don't work, a state-or-the-art network with high-end computers will leave with a lot less money and processes that don't work. 

Our approach to technology consulting is very straight-forward:

Make sure the problem is being solved FIRST, then apply the right tool at the right price. 

We will work with you to establish beneficial technology use that contributes to your bottom line. Please contact us by email, telephone or through this site.

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Last modified: 02/23/09